Equipment: Audio, Lighting, Video & Music


Professional Equipment Used by MSDJ Service:


Behringer 15 band equalizer * Shure wireless & wired microphones + wireless transmitters and receivers (In-Ear Monitor System for Surround Sound Remote Powered Speakers)  * Cortex dual digital music controllers *  QSC 1,000 watt powered speakers (4 K10's & 4 KW122's) & four 1,000 watt powered subwoofers (KW181's) * Numark rack mounted DJ mixer with vocal effects for the microphone channels * Pioneer headphones.

Do you have a band?  We also have a live band 20 channel mixing board, main speakers & subs, monitors & microphones to handle live musicians. Go to PACKAGES and scroll down to Extra Additonal Services & Equipment Available to find out more: 


American DJ ~ 4 Saturn Tri Lights / 1 Sparkle / 3 Flash Strobe / 2 Galaxian Red & Green 3D Lasers / Bubble Blast Jr.,  * Chauvet ~ 2 Intimidator Duo Spots / 2 Black Lights / 12 Colored LED Par Can Wash Lights / 1 eLan Multi-color Multi-pattern Motion Light * Elation Light Controllers * 12 Blizzard Q6W Uplights / 6 Blizzard Q6A Uplights  * 1 Chauvet Follow-Spot / Gobo Image Projector * 2 Marrs Tri Lite Police Beacons.  All operated my a Light Jockey so it's always in-sync with the music.  Never too much or too little and always changing to keep it fresh.  Ultimate Support tripods for lighting and extra speakers, always fully skirted.


Epson Movie Mate 72 HD Projector & DVD player + 6 foot wide screen.  Use the DVD player or plug in your laptop via PC, S-Video or HDMI cables that we provide.  Plus we can even arrange to have the video show sound be fed through our professional sound system.


Music from the 1940's up to this week's Top 40.  Fast or slow, new or old, we probably have it.  And if it's really important to you we'll typically get it for you.  Sometimes even download and play the song right there at your event.  Since the beginning of 1996 Music Source has gotten all of it's new music through Top Hits USA / R.P.M.  They provide new music to radio and satellite stations as well as DJ's, all across America when released by the record labels, and often times before it can be purchased by the general public.  We receive approximately 200 new songs each and every month in all the major genres of music including, but not limited to: Rock, Country, Top 40, Jazz, Latin, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Hip-Hop/Rap and more. If the song has charted, we have it.  All of our music is pre-edited for radio friendly play from Top Hits USA / R.P.M.

Plus we also add around 20 - 40 N.O.S. (New Old Stock) songs each month as well.  Often times these will be songs that use to be in the DJ show years ago, on another format, but never made the conversion. Back when Music Source started it was all albums & 45's (little bitty one song albums).  So we've gone through numerous format conversions over the years from album to cassette, cassette to CD's, CD's to hard drive digital.  The upside to the client is that this has also freed up space to add subwoofers for low end thump and even more lights.


At Music Source we understand that one size does not fit all, and yet most DJ's only have one physical set up.  Other DJ's place too much focus on them, upstaging who's the event is really for.  We understand that sometimes it's about appearances, sometimes it's about lack of space, and sometimes you want the full dance floor light show... and our light show is always focused on the dance floor, not us.  So at Music Source we have three different set ups for you to choose from:

White Wedding ~ Basic Back in Black ~ BIG Sound & Light Show    (You can see pictures and videos of all three on my Facebook business page located at:

Anybody can spend the money and get all the latest and greatest gear and music.  But the ability to tie it all together to make it look and sound good, provide a high level of customer service, along with a great MC & DJ talent is what really sets Music Source apart from the numerous DJ services out there.  But don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say here: