Music Source works numerous Junior High, High School and College dances each and every year.  Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, Sweet 16 Party, you name it, we've done it and will do it again if available.  The best time to book us for for a 'Saturday' school dance is 6 - 12 months in advance.  Far too often I hear about how bad a DJ was at a school dance, but it doesn't have to be this way.  

Music Source highly recommends the BIG Dance Floor Light Show for every school dance.  Music Source will always have all the latest Top 40 music.  So book early, spend a little more money and follow the questions the American Disc Jockey Association recommends you ask any DJ you are considering hiring for any event.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of our music is pre-edited for radio friendly play from Top Hits USA / R.P.M.

Go BIG with the BIG Dance Floor Light Show that has an extra $2,500 worth of dance floor lighting in addition to what you get with the Basic Back in Black and the White Wedding set up.  The BIG Dance Floor Light Show makes all other DJ light shows look tiny.  No other DJ service in the area has a bigger dance floor light show.

One Extra Add-On for most schools in most 'large venues with high ceilings' would be extra subwoofers.  The difference 4 subs can make over 2 is amazing.  If you want more low end thump that hits you in the chest then this is the one item I would recommend  over all others that I offer.