Testimonials - Real Comments from Real Clients



Melissa Dunbar

Jon Roth helped to bring the wedding of my dreams to life! I have a great love for music so it was very important to me to find someone that was on the same page. Jon’s passion for the service he provides was made very clear within the first few minutes of speaking with him. Which by the way, I sent him an email requesting information... and he contacted me an hour later! He gave great professional feedback on all my ideas and also brought a fresh perspective and took my ideas to the next level. From the dressing of the DJ booth, the extensive music library, and high quality equipment he was constantly blowing my expectations out of the park. He gave me space at my event, listened to my guests and provided the greatest experience for me and my husband. His capabilities seemed to be endless! He managed to take my very eclectic taste in music and provide a seamless show. There wasn’t a request he did not meet. My sister’s DJ not only made her cry on her wedding day but, was double the price for a 1/3 of the quality of what Jon Roth of Music Source provides. If you are looking for a DJ & MC that makes your event about you, then look no further!


Robin Fuchs

Jonathan Michael Roth of Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service is the ultimate professional DJ & MC experience. Over the past ten years I have seen Music Source at numerous events and venues. Whether it's a charitable event where Jon has donated his services or the "single most important day of your life", you can expect an unparalleled experience and a high level of personalized service. With Jon this is not a hobby, it's a business. Which is why when you hire Jon, you get Jon. Plus he is insured, uses a written contract, doesn't drink on the job, and has many references from other professionals like caterers, venue managers, and the like. The DJ you retain for your event should be an asset, not a liability. Jon has the magical ability to get the crowd involved and dancing. Jon always gets "dialed in" to the music that you and your guests want to hear. All DJ's are not the same and it does matter to the success or failure of your event. Don't just shop by price, you must consider value! Hire Jon and he'll work with you to customize your event with music and lighting and more. When you need a professional, hire a professional. Hire Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service then relax and enjoy your event!


Lori Van Meter

As a professional wedding coordinator/producer I have worked with Jonathan a number of times. He is at the top of my "recommend" list.  He reads the tone of his clients and follows their style and desires without exception.  He is prepared to handle any curves that might be thrown his way and is absolutely dedicated to making sure that his client's have the event that they desire.  His equipment is top notch; his skills as an mc are impeccable; his knowledge of music is unquestionable; and, most important, his ability to keep an event flowing and fun is superior.  Lori Van Meter ~ Owner of Magical Events.


Sam McFadden 

Jon did a fantastic job at our wedding. From the beginning he was extremely professional, meeting with us several times before the wedding to confirm all of the things we wanted. He gave us great suggestions when we weren't sure about something, and responded right away the multiple times we contacted him to change things or add things we realized we wanted.

On the wedding day he was at the reception all set up way before any guests arrived. He put the uplighting in the room exactly the way we had requested it, in the exact colors we had discussed. Everyone talked about how great the colors looked, and he placed them all in the perfect locations.

He did a great job of announcing to the guests what was happening and transitioning between events well, while keeping me updated on where we were with the timeline we had discussed during the meetings. The music he played was exactly the style we requested and he transitioned so well between songs that you never had a change in tempo that would normally cause people to have trouble dancing, or a pause that interrupted the flow. He really did a great job of reading the dance floor to keep people happy and dancing, the floor was packed the whole night. The music volume was perfect, loud enough to enjoy but you didn't have to yell over it, and the light work that his assistant did was awesome because it fit perfectly to each song he played, while not blinding you as you were dancing.

We did something unique for our dollar dance and he was so excited to help and did such a great job of announcing it and having fun with it that it really made it fun for everyone. He also did a great job taking requests, slowly transitioning the song tempo to fit in all of the requests flawlessly.

At the end of the reception we asked him to stay longer than we had originally discussed, and he had no issues doing so. He was worth every penny, if you go with any other DJ you're making a mistake. I never once worried about him being on time, I knew from talking to him that he was a professional and would do everything we asked for. I honestly don't have a single complaint about him and the work he did at our wedding.would recommend Jon Roth as a DJ for any event. He definitely made our wedding reception one to remember. 


Amber Bottens  

Jon and his staff went above and beyond on our wedding day. Everything was perfect, from the cocktail hour, to being announced and everything in between. He kept the dance floor completely full from the time the music started until the reception was over. You will not be disappointed when booking with Music Source! His photo booth is also AWESOME! Highly recommend. This is coming from a very nervous bride and groom but he made our day amazing. Worth every penny! Just remember the DJ is a crucial part of your wedding day!


Jarrett & Ashley Lindsay

Jon did an amazing job at the wedding. He accommodated every request, made excellent suggestions, and was extremely professional at every meeting (as well as great at staying in contact and keeping us on task!) and during the ceremony and reception. Do not underestimate how important the DJ is for your wedding. The DJ is the director of the entire reception, and without a great DJ (like Jon), there is no way to ensure the night will run smoothly. Finally, the light show was incredible; it transformed the venue from a fancy restaurant to a dance club and really facilitated the party atmosphere. People danced all night long. We could not be happier with Jon and his assistant and the service provided by Music Source. Cannot recommend more highly.


Derek Ade

Jon and his assistant were both great! They put in a full days work and then some. Jon was organized, communicated well, and made sure the reception was fun for all! We received many compliments on the music and up-lighting that music source provided. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a smooth reception!


Nila Riggs

My club has used Music Source for many of our events and we have never been disappointed. The owner Jon Roth is awesome and gives his utmost attention to the finest details. Jon’s experience and professionalism along with his much needed and appreciated suggestions makes my job as an event coordinator much easier. I highly recommend Music Source for any event you are planning.


Courtney Weitekamp 

I would recommend Jon Roth as a DJ for any event. He definitely made our wedding reception one to remember. He was more than just a DJ, more like a behind the scenes director to ensure everything was set in place before any announcements were made. All of our guests raved about him, and some even asked for his contact information. He was extremely professional and made sure every detail was covered before our wedding night. The music was great and I can't remember a time when the dance floor wasn't packed. We also used his uplighting services to help decorate the reception tent and it definitely made the tent 20x prettier. It was exactly what I imagined. You won't be disappointed if you hire him! 


Alexandra Segobiano-Rombenso 

OUTSTANDING SERVICE!  On January 1st, 2016 we hired Jon with Music Source to be our DJ at our wedding on June 18, 2016. Jon sold us the minute we walked in the door. He had a clean office and a great presentation. Two months after (give or take) we signed our contract we had something come up where we need to move the wedding date up to April and he was extremely understanding and worked with us on the date change. (VERY EASY TO WORK WITH!)  On April 23, 2016 (our new wedding date) Jon was there at the time he said he would be and had everything set up and ready to go before for both the ceremony and reception . When everything began his assistant was there to help us on timing for walking down the isle. IT WAS SO ORGANIZED! He played all the music so perfectly, making everything seem like it was a true fairytale!  Jon played everything we asked, when we asked for it, and it was the most perfect wedding hugely because of his service! If you are looking for a DJ that does it all and does it with all of his heart you need to hire Jon with Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service. He is worth every penny. Thank you Jon!


Kellie Cornwell-Kelley  

The entire reception was executed perfectly. DJ took requests from our guests all night as well as played songs my husband and I wrote on our list. He also honored our "do not play" list. Exceptional service, highly recommend booking them. Dance floor was a hit all night, up lighting and all lighting effects were great too!


Kylie Kallal-Gregory  

Perfect! Worth every penny....We could not have picked a better DJ! The lighting was gorgeous, and he was the only reason the wedding and reception went smoothly! Love Love Love him!


Catherine English-Cagle

During our search to find the perfect entertainment for our wedding, Jon was at the top of the list for a variety of reasons. He got back to us right away with quotes and availability and had a great conversation with my husband. From the get go, Jon was superb to work with. Jon had us fill out an info sheet with not just wedding party info but also songs we loved and didn't like, as well some info on us to get to know us better too.

We did not have a chance to meet Jon prior to our wedding, due to conflicts in our work schedules and the fact we lived 4 hours away.  While some brides might feel super nervous about it but I never did. The awesome thing about Jon was he went out of his way to stay in contact with us and I felt so relieved that we had picked the right DJ for our wedding! He asked questions I hadn't thought of like who is going to give the speech first, where is so and so going to sit, can I announce you this way or that way..etc.

During cocktail hour I had SO many people come up to me and say great music selections! Way to get the vibe and energy of the wedding! We had talked with Jon prior and told him some of our selections and he created a custom playlist for the cocktail and dinner hours that he even sent to us to make sure it was what we wanted! During the reception Jon was all about keeping everyone on time so we could get that party started! He made sure everyone was ready before any speeches were given or dances danced!

Then the party started and did not stop! He was all about the guests hearing what they wanted! This was no pre set playlist so it was exactly what we wanted when we wanted to hear it!  The music flow was absolutely wonderful! I would HIGHLY recommend Jon and Music Source for any party! His professionalism, thoughtfulness and great positive attitude really made our wedding spectacular.


Tara Fleck

Jon did an amazing job at our wedding!! From the very first time we met with Jon we clicked right away. It felt like we were always on the same page with ideas or timelines. Jon did an amazing job making sure the reception ran smoothly whether it was wrangling my crazy wedding party or working hard to find our grandparents favorite song. He did it all!! I never had to worry about anything except enjoying my reception. Jon and his staff went above and beyond. One of Jon's staff members even carried my plate trough the buffet line for me so i did not get anything on my dress! The dance floor was full all night as well as the photo booth he provided! People are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding! Thanks for making our day wonderful and care free!! I would recommend Jon to anyone!!


Jenni Nelson-Lesure

Music Source not only did our music for our wedding at Erin's Pavilion but also provided a photo booth.  First the music was outstanding, everything I requested PLUS he played songs that kept everyone out on the dance floor.  I got so many complements saying our reception was top notch and a blast!  So if people weren't out on the dance floor there was a line for the amazing photo booth which was totally worth the money because it produced some amazing pictures of our guests that we got to keep!  I highly recommend Music Source - they were professional, they took care of our needs and put on an amazing light/music show and provided the greatest photo booth! Thank you so much!!


Sara Huelsmann

Choosing Jon Roth as a DJ and MC for our wedding November 2015 was an excellent decision and we would highly recommend his services. He did an outstanding job helping us prepare and plan prior to the event as well as coordinating the details with the staff at Erin's Pavilion and our other vendors working our reception that night. The requested music kept the dance floor crowded from the beginning to the end and his uplighting created a wonderful ambiance. At the end of the night our guests had only wonderful things to say. By scheduling Jon Roth for your future event you'll be able to rest easy knowing that the job will be handled professionally and that it will exceed your expectations.


Brandy Eller

Thank you so very much!!! You were a pleasure to work with and everything went as smooth as silk. I highly recommend the best music man around ;)


Dakotah Ehle  

Extremely professional, kind and easy to work with. Took all of our requests and played them, even Harry Potter background music for our Harry Potter wedding. Would definitely recommend and would work with again!


Matthew Lamkey

Jon Roth and his crew at Music Source were absolutely amazing at our wedding reception! We had a New Years Eve reception and it was the best party, made all the better by Music Source. Jon is the ultimate professional and we would highly recommend his services to anyone.


April Becker

Jon and the staff at Music Source and Rock Star Photo Booth were great! Very responsive to our needs leading up to our corporate holiday party, and followed up throughout the event to be sure our needs were met. Great music selections, awesome photo booth props- overall a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Jon and his crew!!


Rob Saunders

From the beginning I wanted a professional that I’d be comfortable with.  My wife and I met with Jon and booked him right away.  His packet walked us through everything we needed to know and squashed any and all fears that we had.  We knew exactly what was going to happen and when.  He ran the show great and the music was awesome.  The light show is something I’ve not see from any other DJ and real set the tone for the night.  Don’t shave money on your DJ!  I’ve been to wedding where they have ruined the night.  I can 100% assure you that you will be happy with Music Source.  From the first meeting through our event, he was great!


Logan  McTaggart

Jon was not only an amazing DJ, but also a great Master of Ceremonies, and helped out big time with the flow of the wedding. He is very easy to work with and has an amazing set up. He had everything set up way before the time needed and was available to adjust timelines on the fly. Best DJ I've seen. Book him now!


Amanda Helmkamp

I recently attended a wedding where Music Source was our DJ, or better yet, Entertainment Director! Not only was the dance floor a hit, but the lighting and affects used were so so cool! He even had their names over the head table with their wedding date! My favorite thing was the photo booth, which Music Source did as well. For as busy and as many people there were at this reception I was impressed. The DJ kept his cool and everything was done on time and he kept the flow going. Music Source was perfect and we'll have him again for my cousins wedding! 


Kelly Fricke

Jon was very professional throughout the wedding planning process, and did an amazing job at our reception. He takes what he does very seriously, and truly makes an effort to make the reception flow seamlessly. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone who is planning any type of event. Thanks, Jon, for helping to make our wedding day so special! 


Erica Anderson

We had a great experience with Jon and used both his DJ service and the Rock Star Photo booth for our wedding reception. We had some guests say that it was one of the best photo booths they had seen and the props were great. Jon is very thorough and will make sure that everything is top notch and that the reception events go as smoothly as possible. I'd recommend Music Source to anyone with an upcoming event.


Lisa Lynn

If you are in the market for a DJ and Master of Ceremonies for your special day, then look no further than Jon Roth of Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service.  Jon is completely professional, prompt in responding back to you, compassionate and understanding of your music needs, and a complete joy to work with.  The saying goes, "you get what you pay for'', and this is very true as you must consider quality vs. quantity.  The DJ & MC is the one person who will be in charge of the events that transpire, from ceremony through the reception as was the case for my daughter, and Jon provides  quality throughout. From our first meeting he displayed highly organized skills, and a wide knowledge of the music industry both from a technical side as well as an entertainment side.  He worked side by side, in depth, with me and my other vendors and wedding planner.  Jon listened, provided useful  suggestions, and followed through with all of our requests making my daughter's wedding day a most memorable occasion!  Jon is the right person for the job and he will make your day one that you won't forget.  So give him a call and I guarantee you that he returns your call and you'll be wondering, "why didn't I call sooner?!"   


Kylie & Levi Kirby 

Jon Roth of Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service was the DJ/MC at our wedding on August 17, 2013.  The three words I would use to describe Jon are professional, reliable and experienced.  Jon is very dedicated to his profession and maintains a level of professionalism that highly exceeds other disc jockeys.  Jon took all of our ideas and completely personalized the music for our wedding day.  He provided music for both the ceremony and reception, which included dinner music.  The dinner music was from a preset CD he had put together and contained songs that all ages were able to appreciate.  He even suggested using two surround sound speakers to put in the corners of the reception hall to make sure everyone could hear the speeches and to help distribute the music evenly.  He has a wide variety of music to choose from and helped customize our day by giving us his professional opinion about certain selections.  He even worked with us and downloaded songs we had requested that he did not already have in his song library.  Jon is very organized and easy to work with and he is open to any ideas you might have.  The DJ/MC is the person who makes the night run smoothly and keeps the party going, and in our case, JR did just that.  All of our guests were more than pleased with the music selections.  He took requests from the guests and made sure to stick to our play/do not play song list.  His timing and music selections kept our guests on the dance floor all night long!  We had such an enjoyable experience with JR and we would highly recommend him to DJ your event.  Thank you so much JR!! You helped make our night one that we will never forget! 


Lauren Coombe

First of all I want to say that Jon absolutely made the night!!! He has been wonderful to work with from the beginning always understanding and to the point. He is extremely organized, which is a quality that everyone should look for in a wonderful DJ & MC, with a four page planner!! He went above and beyond with wireless speakers on the patio for our cocktail hour and one in the grill room along with green up lighting, which matched our wedding colors, behind his set up to accommodate our venue. The night was perfect!! Jon was able to take our unique musical tastes and make the whole night flow smoothly. All of my guests kept commenting on how wonderful he was and how everyone was dancing. Also, it was extremely hard for me to leave the dance floor because I loved everything he played...partially because most of it came off of our planner. The songs were balanced wonderfully between our songs and our guests requests. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone for their wedding!! Actually two of my bridesmaids, whose weddings were earlier in the year, talked about how their DJs played songs they didn't like, used incorrect songs for important moments like the garter toss or was just plain unorganized...I wish they would have met Jon before my wedding because they would of had the most incredible night of their lives.


Shelby Smith 

Jon Roth, owner of Music Source, was the DJ & MC for both my wedding and my sisters.  My sister was married a few years before I was, so when it came to picking a DJ/MC, we knew just who to go to.  Jon does a fabulous job working with the party planners and other wedding vendors, and caters to whatever is needed.  Jon and his assistant also do a great job keeping the party alive and the guests entertained.  My husband and I were sending Jon songs that we wanted for our reception all the way up to the day.  Even the songs that were required for special dances or planned activities.  He is also very thoughtful and helpful when it comes to planning such a complex part of the reception.  My husband Dylan and I know what kind of music we like, but when it came to picking all these songs for our wedding reception formalities, we were lost.  Jon at the end of our reception that made it even more memorable.  We had a great time and I have been recommending Music Source left and right.  I was very resourceful and helped us figure out just what we wanted.  Jon Roth even threw in a special surprise wouldn't tell anyone to go anywhere else! Thanks for the great time Jon!


Graceann & Andrew DeVlieger  

Jon Roth of Music Source did a fabulous job at our August 24th, 2013 wedding reception at the Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy, IL!  Jon was great to work with throughout the whole planning process and really paid attention to each little detail, making my job as the bride much easier.  Jon met with us several times before the big day to go through the details and made sure everything was just how we wanted it to be.  He is very prompt with emails and really all communications, always responding right away.  His high level of professionalism and commitment to providing the best DJ service in the area is one of the many reasons we are glad we chose him to be our DJ, and we were so happy that he was willing to travel all the way to Quincy from Springfield.  Jon not only acts as a DJ but also as Master of Ceremonies (MC) to ensure everything runs smoothly.  The music sounded great especially with the surround sound remote speakers in our very large room, plus we had fabulous looking uplights around the room in our light pink wedding color.  Jon made sure to keep everyone having fun all night which included the bubble machine which was a huge hit with the youngsters.  For my father/daughter dance Jon spent two hours putting a special six song mix together that had everyone raving about all night.  I would highly recommend Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service!  


Christy (LeVault) Gust   

Jon and his assistant did an amazing job at our wedding ceremony and reception.  Jon had many great suggestions for our wedding, which really helped me with the planning process.  The ceremony ran smoothly with no problems at all.  Our guests had so much fun at the reception that we even extended it an extra hour.  As a bride, I wanted a DJ that knew what he was doing and Jon definitely has everything down!  I highly recommend him!! 


Keith Albaugh   

Jon with Music Source brought professionalism to a whole other level at our wedding. Great sound system and lights, well dressed, well spoken and kept the night flowing. He helped make our reception hassle free and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding DJ. Jon is not just a DJ spinning tracks, he truly is a Master of Ceremonies! Thanks again, Jon, for such a memorable reception!


Kari Bellis  

Music Source was everything we had hoped for and more.  Jon Michael Roth was extremely organized and responded almost immediately to any questions we had.  Often times you hear of DJ companies that send any available employee to do the job, but this is not the case with Music Source.  We asked for special introductions songs for each couple in the wedding party and he went above and beyond with our request, making this the perfect start to our reception.  It was also very important for us to stay on schedule and he made it a point to make sure that happened in a very professional manner.  He provides you with a worksheet to complete to make sure you do not forget anything, which is very helpful in the planning process.  I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again.


Elise DeVries  

From the minute we signed our agreement to the very last song, Music Source was nothing short of amazing. JR's attention to detail is impeccable and his assistants are extremely professional as well! I am so happy we chose to work with him for all of our music, photo booth, and uplighting needs! If for whatever reason we need another DJ, we will contact him again!!!


Stacy McIntyre 

A true professional in every sense from start to finish.  I'd never hired a DJ before and didn't know what to look for.  Luckily my husband Larry found J.R. and he guided us through the process perfectly.  We hired him for our wedding ceremony and reception.  The planners that he had us fill out covered everything in detail, not just what type of music we wanted.  We met on two occasions to make sure we were getting the event we wanted.  All of his tips and suggestions made for a great stress free event for Larry and myself.  Because J.R. also acts as the Master of Ceremonies and the Reception Director, we were able to move things along smoothly at the event without any awkward moments.  He worked seamlessly with our other vendors which I could tell enjoyed working with him as well.  I could go on for several more paragraphs, but just know that you will not go wrong when you book him for your event. 


Steffanie Dickerson

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! With Jon you get the whole package and a very professional one at that! Not only was he great as a DJ and Mcee but did a terrific job with uplighting our entire reception venue! HIRE THE BEST AND YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!  Not to mention all of the help he gave us in selecting some unique song choices.  Definitely someone you feel comfortable with giving such an important job to!  


Henry Lin

Just had my wedding last weekend (09.20.14) and you can not have a good reception and wanting people have fun without a good DJ & MC. Jon from Music Source did just that and it was great throughout the night!  With all the uplighting and dance floor light show he had, he made the reception hall look better than we could have expected.  Everyone had fun dancing until the last song was over.  He kept my friends pumped up and he actually asked me to go to dance with my bride for the last slow song of the evening even though I was a little tired.  But that was the most fun dance out of all because all of the sudden all our friends and relatives surrounded us in a circle as we were in the middle and rotating and singing together. It was great!


Lindsey Speaks 

My husband Jason and I had an amazing experience with Jon Roth.  He was very focused on what we were wanting for our wedding reception and was able to provide ideas and suggestions to make it even better.  Our reception was unique and he was able to easily mold his style and abilities to what was best for us and our guests.  We also reached out to him regarding another need of ours and he was more than happy to help us in any way he could.  At each meeting he was highly professional and I have no reservations about recommending him to all our family and friends.


Lakin Stock-Gant

My husband and I hired J.R. to DJ & MC our wedding reception in September and could not be more impressed.  He is an amazing DJ and MC!  He kept the events flowing as they should and kept our guests dancing throughout the entire night!  His playlist contained every song I wanted and more.  He is an expert at his job and I highly recommend him!  Thanks again for a great night J.R.! 


Tawnya Taylor-Frioli

Jon Roth of Music Source was an excellent DJ & MC at my wedding reception.  I was my own wedding planner so he provided excellent advice as to how to lay out and run the reception.  Everything ran very smoothly due to Jon, as he was on top of everything all night long.  He had such a large variety of music and side services to offer us for our reception.  I thought he was very fairly priced for his high level of services that he provides.  He also brought an assistant with him for my reception, and Jon had this young man even help me with my plate through the buffet line back to the head table, so I did not get any food on my dress.  I highly recommend him!   


Erin Gunville-Parsill

Where to begin. Planning a wedding away from home is not the easiest, and Jon Michael Roth was an unbelievable help with this.  My husband Andy and I got married in October of 2013 and all of our communication with Jon was done over the phone, and it felt like we were sitting in the room with him. He was always so helpful in suggesting how things should be run as well as helping us find other wedding vendors.  He always kept a professional manor and once the dancing got started there was not one single song that the dance floor was empty.  He was great at keeping us on schedule during such a hectic day and we are forever grateful.  If you are looking for a DJ & MC that will keep the fun coming throughout the night we really suggest you talk with Jonathan Michael Roth!  HE WAS FANTASTIC AND WE LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF OUR RECEPTION!!!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND PROFESSIONALISM!


Jennifer Blain-Merritt

J.R. was hands down the best DJ/MC we could have had for our wedding back in 2007.  We have been to a lot of weddings before and since and he just reigns supreme over every other DJ/MC that we have had to listen to.  He was very easy to work with, played what we wanted to dance to with great music flow, and did NOT play the songs that we didn't want to hear.  He kept the party going until 1:00 am and our dance floor was never empty. We had the best reception and I still have people tell me what a fabulous time they had, six years later! J.R. is very professional, he truly cares about his clients and makes sure your event is exactly what you want it to be.  Some DJ's just flat out suck, and shouldn't be allowed to play music, but you won't find that with Music Source.  You will have a DJ/MC who was born to keep the party going, who will make your guests happy, and he will make your reception the EVENT to remember! 


Jenna Bresnahan  

Jon Roth was the DJ, MC & Reception Director at my wedding ceremony and reception and he did a great job!  He kept things moving along, he was in tune with my guests and the kind of music that would get everyone dancing, and he was easy to work with!  He made sure that everything we wanted was clear and event dealt with me changing my mind on songs every two days (which I don't recommend)!  He was very personable and kept my wedding reception lively until the last song!  I highly recommend his DJ service!   


Colin Helton  

Jon knocked it out. He was patient in getting things set up (clearly a good thing for those of us who have never done this before) and he was full of very helpful information. And the best part is that he's been doing it for so long that he has a very honest and natural vibe. He knew what to play for every single moment of our reception and was spot on. He even had the good sense to call it on a high note. I will definitely recommend Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service and Jon Roth to anyone in need of a professional DJ, for any event!


Tanner Ryan  

Jon Roth was terrific at our wedding reception!  Very organized, very fun and interactive!  I would highly suggest using Music Source as your DJ for any event!


Anna Whitely  

My husband and I were very happy with Jon Roth. The night could not have gone better! He played everything my husband and I wanted and he got a feel for the crowd and new what music they were into and what kept everyone out on the dance floor. I had many guests tell me the next day their feet hurt from dancing so much! I would like to thank Jon for making my wedding day complete. I highly recommend Music Source!


Rhonda Femmer 

Jon provided the DJ, MC & Reception Director services for our wedding reception on July 28th, 2013.  He is very professional and takes his business very seriously, yet delivers it in a very fun way too.  We were impressed with the extensive four page reception planner he gave us in our first meeting.  After it was completed by us we met to go over it in detail a few weeks prior to the wedding day.  I was very comfortable in knowing that the music and the hosting was in good hands.  We pretty much picked the music and gave Jon a general idea of what our expectations were, and he did a fantastic job of putting it all together.  He kept the party going and everyone had a great time.  The surround sound remote speakers and uplighting were a definite plus in our venue.  From the music to the lighting and the Reception Director services he provided, we were not disappointed.  I would and already have recommended Jon to others.  Thanks Jon for making it a great memorable night!      


Sarah Maggio-Trapp

Just had Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service for our wedding last weekend. They did an amazing job!! The entire experience from start to finish was great.... Jon was super professional and listened to our every need. Our dance floor was filled the whole night. It was exactly what I was hoping for. I would highly recommend using their services.


Lindsay Teel-Booth

We had Music Source for our wedding back in October 2013.  Jon was extremely professional and knew what he was talking about at our first meeting.  I knew that he would do a great job just by meeting with him the first time.  He had us fill out a packet to get to know us better and what we were wanting.  When it came to our wedding day he had everything running on time and kept the crowd pleased with the music choices.  We even had him keep going a while longer because people were still wanting to drink and dance!!!  We also had a monogram on the ceiling of the tent that put that special touch to our decor.  When it comes to planning your wedding it is nice to let someone else take care of some things and with Music Source, Jon took care of the flow during the night.  I could not have picked a better DJ!


Josh Sonneborn

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding as a guest that was DJ'd by J.R. of Music Source this past weekend.  J.R. was extremely professional and seemed to really be in touch with what the crowd wanted.  I would strongly recommend Music Source to anyone looking for a great event. ~ 5 Flavors Catering & Signature Events


Nicole Brady & Carl Arms

J.R. you are an awesome DJ & MC!   Absolutely loved the service that you provided for our ceremony and reception!   Your professionalism as the Reception Director in keeping the reception moving along gracefully was top notch.  Our guests all commented on how well organized our ceremony and reception was... which came from you, our DJ.  You were able to provide good suggestions and were very patient with my husband and I as we struggled to find "our" song for our first dance.  The music, lighting and mood were exactly what we were expecting.  You made sure that all the entertainment for the wedding flowed and was an excellent emcee.  Thanks again! 


Leanne Unland

I have seen Mr. Roth at many events such as weddings, reunions, anniversaries and corporate events. He always does an outstanding job and has great music selection for ALL occasions, mainly because he takes the time to find out what his clients want, and does a great job of working and reading the guests.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone.  He also supplies awesome dance floor lighting with his music, plus amazing uplighting which can set any mood from romantic to Party on the Roof!  Everybody is always having a great time at these events he works so if you want it done right then Jonathan Roth of Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service is your man.  Leanne Unland ~ Co-Owner of Unland Photography and Video.


Megan & Drew Lashbrook

The BEST DJ service! We couldn't have asked for anything better at our wedding ceremony and reception. They were completely professional and thought of everything. Thank you again for making the best night of our life so easy!


Terri & Scott Ligon

Thank you so much for your services at our reception.  You were true to your word and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for helping to create memories of a lifetime!  All our best.


Casey & Annie Nell

Jon was the DJ & MC at our wedding and he was absolutely awesome! Picking a DJ & MC for your wedding can be a little bit of a hassle but he takes all of the worry out of it. From whenever we first met with him to the end of the reception he was nothing but professional. Before the day of the wedding he kept in touch with us and made sure that he understood everything we wanted. At the reception he coordinated everything with the photographer and the caterers and we did not have to worry about anything. Overall he was extremely professional and made the night absolutely perfect! A month afterward we are still getting compliments about how much fun it was and it wouldn't have been possible without JR.

Lindsay Musgrave-Becker

Finding the perfect DJ & MC for your wedding can be a challenge. You don't want anyone too cheesy, or someone that hogs the mic. J.R. was just what we needed to get our party started. His organization skills were quite impressive (especially for a man!). He provides a wonderfully put together music planning booklet that leaves nothing out, you don't have to wonder if there's something you're missing. His professionalism and attention to detail were much appreciated during such a hectic time in our lives. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy many of the tunes J.R. dished up that night (due to greeting guests) but I've had so many people tell me what a "rockin" time they had! The dance floor was never empty. We appreciated all of his planning with the hotel wedding planner, as well as the photographer. Thanks J.R. you went above and beyond your duties as wedding D.J.!


Dennis Reed

I had the privilege of having Jon Roth as our wedding DJ & MC. I enjoyed every minute of his time, from the little chats leading up to the wedding reception and including the professionalism during the wedding reception. We received many compliments from our guests on the music selections and the right volume and clarity. When the time comes again we will use Music Source Pro DJ Service again. Thank You Jon! Dennis L. Reed Jr. ~ Owner/KJ/DJ of Hi-Tek Redneck Entertainment


Kimber Watkins

J.R. did an amazing job as the MC & DJ for our first annual Central IL Teen Fashion Show!  He was a tremendous help throughout the planning and practice process.  He did an amazing job coordinating the music selection with the trends the teens were highlighting. The atmosphere of the evening was totally in his hands and he did a fabulous job with sound, video and lighting! I have also had the pleasure of working with JR at several weddings too where I have seen him interact with the guests, and that is why I asked him to help me with the fashion show, as he always delivers 100%!   Kimber Watkins ~ Photo Fever


David & Allie McDow

Thank you for all of the extra effort you put into making our reception what we wanted it to be.  The uplighting really added a nice touch to the room and the spotlight on the cake made it a focal point as people walked in, which was exactly what we wanted.  We also appreciate your attention to detail as the wedding party was introduced.  It made us feel a lot more comfortable when you came out to line everyone up and double check the pronunciations of the names, prior to the introduction that went off smoothly.  Your BIG Sound & Light Show looked and worked great in our venue, and we really liked that you kept the dance floor full.  Everyone we have talked to said they had a great time.  Thank you for helping to make our special day even more enjoyable!   


David Youhas

I have had the pleasure of getting to know J.R. for the last several years. I know J.R. as a professional speaker, organizer, planner, performance evaluator, and fellow DJ & MC through the Downstate Illinois Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. Here is what you want to know about Jon: He is well skilled in organization, planning and visualizing. He strikes a well natured balance between being professional, witty, taking prompt client action, and delivering with integrity what he says he will do. It is always enjoyable to work with Jon. Just notice his charming, hard working and fun personality. He loves events that are challenging as he is forever raising the bar in excellence, since that is all he does.


Jordan & Stephanie Klein

Thanks so much Jon! Your team was great to work with and you kept the party going to the very end. Everything was perfect and the up-lighting was spectacular. It was fun to watch the really bright room darken and the lights take form during the night. Also thanks for posting the video of the introductions. We had not seen what everyone did since we were last to be introduced, so this was a very pleasant surprise.


Chuck Costello

Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without Jon Roth of Music Source. He is a dedicated professional from the early planning phases to the actual festivities. One thing I liked most was that Jon took care of most of the structure of the evening and Kelly and I were able to enjoy ourselves. Don't get me wrong as he knows music too, but his service is about so much more than just somebody playing music. I hope to not ever have a second wedding, but would definitely use them for other occasions.


Jessica Ragland

Jon Roth the owner, DJ & MC of Music Source went above and beyond to make our wedding memorable not only for my husband and I, but for our guests as well.  He answered all my questions very quickly; usually within minutes via email.  He is very professional and always anticipated our needs.  The music and lights were phenomenal and he ensured the evening flowed smoothly working as our Reception Director.  He even bought a CD for an obscure song we requested that he didn't have and was not available for download anywhere.  I will recommend Music Source to anyone in need of professional DJ services! Thank you Jon!


Martha & Michael Plog

We want to thank you for helping to make Jim & Elizabeth's reception such a wonderful event. We have received so many compliments about how smoothly everything flowed, but also how much fun everyone had. That is very much to your credit. We will certainly recommend you to those in need of a professional DJ & MC.

Michael Elliott

Thank you so much for being a very important part to Amanda's and my wedding reception. You know how much I appreciate music and it has been a real pleasure working with you in making it what we wanted. I hope to see you in the future at one of our friends reception, as we certainly will be recommending you.

Daniel Flynn

I have had the pleasure to work with J.R. during numerous weddings receptions and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ / MC. I believe J.R.'s ability to listen and accommodate his clients is by far his best trait. Then add the music selections, personal touch and the equipment he uses, then every event  is a true pleasure.  I know for a fact that his clients and their guests feel the same way. Danny Flynn ~ Flynn Photography


Tricia & Chase Miller

Professional and organized. You made a wonderful day even better. We would highly recommend Music Source to anyone. The ceremony and reception planners were fantastic and answered questions we didn't even know we had. Plus an awesome music selection that kept people dancing on top of everything. We can't thank you enough!

Elizabeth Lovsin

He did a great job and we had lots of positive comments from our guests.  It was a great party!

Tonya Packenham

J.R. was great to work with and had all of the music that my husband and I wanted at our wedding reception.  The dance floor light show was awesome and we had a blast dancing the night away!  Our wedding reception went great thanks to our DJ!


Rachel & Dustin Schultz

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding and helping it be even more special!  We loved all the music, the set up and everything turned out great!  We got a lot of compliments on your service.  Thank you!

Katie & Jack Contri

JR was excellent!  The music is the most important part of making the reception memorable and we were thrilled that we picked JR to hand this!  He was very professional in all of our interactions and understanding with all of our requests, especially when it came to the dance music for the night. We had the dance floor full all night and the music flow was smooth. We thank him for all of the coordination he had with all of the other vendors. We would certainly recommend him to others.

Angie & Derek Zentgraf

Because of your service, we had the wedding of our dreams.  Everything was flawless from the ceremony through the last dance. And the special 10 song ~ 10 couples intro was exactly what we were looking for and you nailed it. Thank you so much for being part of our special day.


David Hoffman

Thank you so much! Jonathan Michael Roth of Music Source Professional Disc Jockey Service recently worked my surprise party for my wife's 60th birthday at Panther Creek Country Club in Springfield, IL. I was totally impressed as were all of my 62 guests with the music and light show that Jonathan and his assistant provided. Music Source made the night so much fun by playing nothing but my guests requests, that he had them dancing the entire night. He even made a custom playlist for the cocktail and dinner hour per my wife's and I musical tastes. Everything was so professional from the very first meeting through all the follow ups by Jonathan, which were greatly appreciated as I had never organized an event like this before. The evening could not have been more perfect and my wife was absolutely thrilled.


Daniel Ewing

I had worked with Jon for several years prior to going off to college, and every event was great. Most recently he DJ'd my wedding reception, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. Everything was just as we talked about and he was never to busy to talk about our wedding or what we wanted. Everything was picture perfect professionalism through the whole night and he played exactly what we wanted with great flow and amazing quality. I have never seen a DJ anywhere that is as good as Jon, the owner DJ/MC of Music Source.

Amy & Mark Winters

Music Source was a great selection for our wedding celebration. We didn't have to do a thing. JR and his assistant were very professional and did an excellent job taking song requests and keeping us on schedule. All of their equipment was top notch as we had an excellent light show with bubbles. They even took care of our slide show. It was a perfect night!


Sherri Swaggerty

JR made our event so much fun that we had to have him at our next one too!  He is very professional and had so much extra to offer other than just music. The party goers had a great time and commented on the parties for weeks afterwards and prior to when they heard he was coming back.  He definitely made the parties entertaining!  I wouldn't consider using any other DJ for any of my events and will recommend him to all of my friends and associates.


Danielle Lees Lyons

We hired Jon as our DJ & MC for our wedding and not only was he an excellent DJ & MC but we also got so much more. He is an exceptional reception planner and kept the events of the night moving smoothly. I can't even begin to express how helpful this is for a bride and groom. We were able to relax, knowing that everything was taken care of according to schedule. Jon's music choices kept everyone dancing and entertained. Our friends and family had a blast! We couldn't be happier!


Cindy Lyons

Fabulous time at my son and daughter-in-laws wedding reception! It was so wonderful that months later I am still getting positive comments from the guests about how great it was. The light show, the music, the personality - what a great combination!


Shelley & Dennis Doyle

Thank you for making Stephanie and Jacob's wedding reception so special. The high level of communication prior to the day meant that Dennis and I didn't have to worry about anything with you running the show for us at the reception. The music was fantastic and we finally had to tell everyone to go home or I think they would have stayed all night. We have been to many wedding receptions and seen and heard many DJ's/MC's and no one comes close. We will continue to recommend you over and over again.


Rachel Vanover

DJ Jon Roth did an outstanding job at our Color Blaze 5K in Springfield, IL.  We appreciate his timely responses to emails and his creative video he put together to promote Color Blaze all over the United States.  Jon made the event sound amazing and did a good job getting over 3,000 people dancing and ready for the race.  Jon helped with dance contests and other announcement for our Charity Event for the Memorial Burn Center. Thank you DJ Jon for your help in making Color Blaze 5k Springfield, IL a success! Team Color Blaze


Roger Leach

J.R. is very personable with the highest degree of integrity. He thoroughly explains what services are available making recommendations based upon your venue and what you want your event to be. He works well with his clients to customize the performance to your desired style. He then carries through with everything in a timely and professional manner.


Beth Beasley

J.R. made our fashion show come alive! He worked with our announcer on timing and delivery and with our nursing students on timing and walking. He picked the right songs for each of the time periods and then added an awesome light show. It was the highlight of the 125 year celebration thanks to his efforts. He went above and beyond.  

Esmeralda Garcia

We hired Music Source for our wedding reception and we couldn't be happier! Easy to work with and super willing to work with our schedules. My husband and I both live out of town from where our wedding took place. Music source was more than willing to work with our schedules. We got so many compliments on the music and how professional they were. Would highly recommend!


Jill Flavin

Music Source was hired for a fundraising /reverse drawing event with 370+ people in Chatham, Illinois. They were an absolute success!  Not only did he have people on the dance floor, but Jon MC'd  the event for us as well.   We have had difficulty in the past with being able to hear the announcements in the back of the large room, but his equipment was professional and the speakers he placed in the back eliminated the problem.  His light show was fun and song requests were played.  Very professional, very courteous to work with. We look forward to using him again in the future.


Kelsey Crawford

Very pleased with the work Jon Roth did at our wedding last spring! He was wonderful to work with. I went into my wedding with no real ideas of what sort of music I wanted and he helped guide all our choices and let me know what type of music worked best for each part of our reception. We also used some uplighting as well which really made a difference in the look of our reception venue! He is very knowledgeable in his field and I really feel that made a difference in how much the guests enjoyed our dancing and entertainment! Would highly recommend.


Kayla Smith

There was no other choice but to use Jon. He works with you on your music choices and made one less thing to worry about with wedding plans. Day of reception he just had things flowing and very professional. Highly recommend him and his DJ services!


Nila Riggs

I've seen Jon as a DJ & MC numerous times and he always does a fantastic job.  I would highly recommend him for any type of event.


Elizabeth Rogers

Jon was very professional and made my wedding run so well. He even gave us some uplighting that made my venue look even more amazing.


Kelly Wajda

Jon Roth with Music Source was awesome! With our Halloween wedding, we had several different type of music requests that we had to hear from old country to unpopular Halloween songs to the Bulls theme song as our intro. He made it all happen. We didn't have a hired wedding coordinator so it was such a relief to not have to worry about keeping our wedding on track. Jon kept us informed during the whole process (even the day of) and made our wedding great. His organization and professionalism was appreciated. We had last minute adjustments and he was patient and ensured our changes didn't impact the flow of our wedding. We had so many positive comments from our guests on how wonderful and accommodating he was. I highly recommend Music Source for any type of event!


Mykel & Nathan Wachter

Thank you so much for being our wedding DJ.  You were a constant professional and made the process smooth and easy on our big day.


Chelsea & Mason Hadley

Best DJ on the Planet!  Thank You! 




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